Alexandre Paul - Assistant Editor - Technicolor Montreal

Alexandre Paul

Assistant Editor



Meet Alexandre Paul, Assistant Editor at Technicolor Montreal.

When he was 11, Alexandre Paul wore glasses and was passionate about the first Harry Potter books. With the same spectacles and the same age, one can see why Alexandre identified with the famous wizard. So why not play his role in a film?

As it turns out, Alexandre didn’t enter the world of cinema as an actor, but as an assistant editor. He joined Technicolor Montreal after completing an internship as part of his Media Arts and Technologies college studies at Cégep de Jonquière in the province of Quebec.

As fate would have it, his first project involved the world of magic: Tarsem Singh’s fantastical Snow White adaptation entitled Mirror, Mirror. For this major production, Alexandre was responsible for synchronizing the shooting data before delivering the shots to the assistant colorists. This large-scale project proved very instructive for Alexandre. It also reaffirmed his passion for the profession. And he says that his new favorite software is now the Avid Media Composer editing system.

As he anxiously awaits his next big project, Alexandre enjoys his free-time activities: discussing life with his friends in Montreal’s pubs, and currently, reading Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.