Alfie Di Pucchio - Re-Recording Mixer - Technicolor Toronto

Alfie Di Pucchio

Re-Recording Mixer

Group:Sound Mixers


Meet Alfie Di Pucchio, Re-Recording Mixer at Technicolor Toronto.

With a strong background in audio engineering, Alfie DiPucchio has a proven track record to create the right feel in a mix.

After launching his career as a production assistant in 1994, Alfie joined Technicolor four years later to work on audio dubbing and layback. At the same time, to build understanding of the industry, he attended Harris Institute For The Arts part time.  In 2005, he was named Audio Engineer, ADR Recordist, Foley Recordist and Commercial Engineer, before becoming a Re-recording mixer three years later.

His experience leading mixes includes Haven Season 3, Cybergeddon and more recently, Ice Girls. He has also worked on such projects as Private Eyes, Raising Expectations, Flower Shop Mysteries and Murdoch Mysteries