Alfie Di Pucchio - Re-Recording Mixer - Technicolor Toronto

Alfie Di Pucchio

Re-Recording Mixer

Group:Sound Mixers

Location:Technicolor Toronto

Meet Alfie Di Pucchio, Re-Recording Mixer at Technicolor Toronto.

Since starting out working part time in Audio Dubbing while attending Harris Institute for the Arts, Alfie has gone on to become an assistant engineer, a recording engineer and now a re-recording mixer. He particularly enjoys using the new Pro-Tools Ten HDX Systems from Avid, and would love to mix a feature film by the end of this year. He’s also quite fond of his iPad.

Among Alfie’s biggest artistic influences are U2 guitarist Dave Evans (aka The Edge) and the director, producer and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola. That said, Coppola didn’t direct his favorite film, Gladiator, which also features one of his favorite characters in Maximus – a hero who also seems to abide the wisdom that silence is louder than words. 

An avid hockey and soccer player, as well as a proud father, Alfie enjoys spending time with his family when away from work, and can be found frequenting Toronto’s Queen Margherita Pizza.

Recent Technicolor Credits:

  • My Baby Sitter is a Vampire
  • Love Me
  • Really  Me
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • Haven