Meet Allan O’Hara, Senior Editor at Technicolor Toronto.

Allan O’Hara

Senior Editor



Meet Allan O’Hara, Senior Editor at Technicolor Toronto.

After graduating at the top of the TV Program at Mohawk College and receiving the Andy Award, Allan started as a tape operator and worked his way up to the editing chair. He has worked on several different platforms over the years, and is looking forward to learning the final editing platform on his list, Final Cut. 

Allan is proud to have worked for more than 20 years in the industry and to have gained the trust of numerous repeat clients. One of the highlights of his career was the opportunity to work with Mark Hajek and Mark Morton on the Rush in Rio DVD.  Allan recalls that “after onlining the show (Over 6000 edits) they had notes on only six edits; they were pleased.”


Along with using cutting-edge editing platforms, Allan also enjoys bringing a sense of humour to the workplace, especially since it helps sessions with clients go very smoothly.  He also says that the best work advice he ever got was from his father, who told him: “Your name is your worth.” Allan believes that “if your name or initials are on that job/tape, people will know it is correct. This has been my credo. It has been backed up by various producers. They see my initials, they have less worry.”  

Allan’s favorite film is Alien, while one of his favorite characters is John McClane in the Die Hard films.  His hero, however, is Ian Struan Dunross from James Clavell’s Noble House.  Some of Allan’s artistic inspirations are the Sad Face Clown and Dogs Playing Poker.

Away from work, Allan likes to spend time with his great family, take in a round of golf, enjoy a cigar and cognac and put a smile on people’s faces. 

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