Anahi T.-Gil - Dialogue editor - Technicolor Montreal

Anahi T.-Gil

Dialogue Editor - Versioning

Group:Dialogue and Sound Editors


Meet Anahi T.-Gil, Dialogue Editor at Technicolor Montreal.

Anahi T.-Gil feels privileged to have already been a part of several generations of cinema technology over her 18-year career with Technicolor.

Following a student internship, Anahi started out at the Film laboratory, in the quality control department, where she spent several years working with 16 and 35 mm formats. Next, she moved on to the versioning department, where she first learned the job on tape. She handled all cassette formats there, from ¾-inch and S-VHS to Beta and 8 mm. But as time passed, technologies changed, and today Anahi uses the very latest technologies for digital ADR.

Anahi has loved the cinema for as long as she can remember, especially films that combine onirism with reality. Some of her favorites include Philip Ridley’s Reflecting Skin, Elem Klimov’s Come and See, and David Lean’s A Passage to India. When asked what she would do with a million dollars, she answers without hesitation: produce her own movie! Perhaps she would look into her many artistic influences, such as painting and architecture, cinema and music—both classic and modern styles, for inspiration. She appreciates how these various arts reflect human sensitivity and intelligence.

Recently, Anahi has worked on few notable productions, including The Tree of Life, John Carter, The Rum Diary, Puss in Boots, The Help and Super 8.