Brett Landon - Jr. Inferno Artist - Technicolor Toronto

Brett Landon

Jr. Inferno Artist


Location:Technicolor Toronto

Meet Brett Landon, Jr. Inferno Artist at Technicolor Toronto.

Brett started with Technicolor as an intern in 2008, and eventually stayed on full time as a VTR Operator in the Media Duplication Department. After a few months he was promoted to Commercial Video Assistant, and was later promoted again to Junior Inferno Artist, where he’s worked on various VFX shots for movies, television, and commercials.  Though he advanced quickly from an intern to operating a VFX suite, Brett feels that those three years provided him with an excellent opportunity for growth and progression at Technicolor. 

When it comes to his work, Brett appreciates the challenge of tackling the most difficult shots and is forever expanding his knowledge of 3D, tracking, keying and particle systems.  Outside of work, he says that he’s “excited to see the implementation of autonomous vehicles on our highways (as long as they aren’t affiliated with Skynet).”  Of late, his favorite personal gadget has been his Motoactv Fitness Tracker.

Brett’s artistic influences include filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, the artist M.C. Escher and The Beatles.  Among his favorite characters is Bruce Wayne/Batman, while his favorite film is Jurassic Park.  That said, Brett’s hero is not the Dark Knight, as you might expect, but rather none other than the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs.

When he’s not at work, Brett enjoys playing guitar, singing, and cooking for friends and family.

Recent Technicolor Credits:

  • Black Swan
  • Flashpoint
  • Being Erica
  • Curious and Unusual Deaths
  • Rookie Blue
  • The Firm