Caroline Baillard - Principal Scientist Rennes

Caroline Baillard

Principal Scientist


Laboratory:Immersive Lab

Short Bio:

I graduated from Telecom Paris Tech in 1994 and I received a Ph.D. degree in Signal and Image processing from Telecom Paris Tech in 1997. I joined the Technicolor Research & Innovation Center in 2011 as a principal scientist and work package leader. Prior to Technicolor, I was a post-doctoral research assistant at Oxford University, UK (1997-1999), then at INRIA Rennes – IRISA (1999-2000). In 2000 I was appointed at the Siradel company, specialized in 3D city modeling. I became head of R&D 3 years later, leading a team of 6 researchers (2003-2011). I was also co-chair of the ISPRS working group « Complex scene analysis and 3D reconstruction » (2008-2012). I am author or co-author of around 25 papers.

Research interests:

  • Face analysis,
  • Facial animation,
  • Data registration,
  • 3D reconstruction,
  • 3D modelling,
  • Image matching,
  • Digital cartography.


I am currently working on facial motion capture and retargeting.