Caroline Baillard - Principal Scientist Rennes

Caroline Baillard

Principal Scientist



Short Bio:

I graduated from Telecom Paris Tech in 1994 and I received a Ph.D. degree in Signal and Image processing from Telecom Paris Tech in 1997. I joined the Technicolor Research & Innovation Center in 2011 as a principal scientist and work package leader. Prior to Technicolor, I was a post-doctoral research assistant at Oxford University, UK (1997-1999), then at INRIA Rennes – IRISA (1999-2000). In 2000 I was appointed at the Siradel company, specialized in 3D city modeling. I became head of R&D 3 years later, leading a team of 6 researchers (2003-2011). I was also co-chair of the ISPRS working group « Complex scene analysis and 3D reconstruction » (2008-2012). I am author or co-author of around 25 papers.

Research interests:

  • Face analysis,
  • Facial animation,
  • Data registration,
  • 3D reconstruction,
  • 3D modelling,
  • Image matching,
  • Digital cartography.


I am currently working on facial motion capture and retargeting.

Latest publications


Mixed Reality Extended TV

Matthieu Fradet, Vincent Alleaume, Caroline Baillard, Pierrick Jouet, Anthony Laurent, Tao Luo, Philippe Robert, Fabien Servant

December 12, 2016