Chloé Fournier - Re-recordist - Technicolor Montreal

Chloé Fournier

Re-recordist - Versioning

Group:Sound Re-recording Mixers


Meet Chloé Fournier, Re-recordist at Technicolor Montreal.

Chloé Fournier began her career at Technicolor, working on subtitling for the hearing impaired. After spending time within the replication and sound editing departments, she joined the versioning department as a Re-recordist.

Animated films and series are Chloe’s favorite part of her work, because she believes that everyone expresses the best of their creativity during an animation versioning: “Actors are particularly energetic and we always have so much fun in studio,” she says.

In her free time, Chloé likes to read, bike and watch films by American director Wes Anderson. As a big-time lover of Asian cuisine, Chloé creates her own Thai recipes. When she’s not whipping up something delicious, she’s almost always up for sushi at Miyako, her favorite Japanese restaurant in Montreal! To get away from it all, she dreams of discovering New Zealand, either on foot or by bike.

At Technicolor, Chloé recently worked on the versioning of several television series, which includes: Fugget about it, Family Guy and 1001 Nights.