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David Axelrad

Synchronized Dialogue Adapter



Meet David Axelrad, Synchronized Dialogue Adapter at Technicolor Montreal.

David Axelrad began his career as a sound mixer at a small recording studio in the greater Paris area. Passionate about his profession and highly committed, David quickly moved up and became a sound mixer for several television stations. By joining Technicolor Montreal, he added a new dimension to his career: David began as a sound recorder for the versioning unit, before becoming a synchronized dialogue adapter for the same unit.

"Synchronized dialogue adaptation consists in recreating dialogue from movies and TV shows to capture the meaning, while respecting some other technical requirements – like matching text to lip movement and body language,” David explains. “So the challenge facing the adapter lies in staying true to the original work while getting creative enough for the audience to enjoy the show without noticing that it has been dubbed.”

In his daily work, David mostly works with Dub Studio and Pro Tools software. As for his approach to the job, he believes in his motto: “Good dubbing starts with a good adaptation.” Always thirsty for new challenges, David eventually hopes to adapt movies for the big screen.

A confirmed movie buff, David finds inspiration in a wide range of screenwriters and dialogue writers like Michel Audiard, Alain Chabat, and Olivier Nakache.

David enjoys spending his free time with his family, taking strolls, and going to the movies. But what he really likes is playing music and writing his own pieces. And this longtime Prince fan has a big dream: “I want to build a music studio at home to keep pursuing my passion.”

Follow David Axelrad on Twitter: @DavidAxelMusic.

At Technicolor, David has recently taken part in the following projects:


  • Freelancers,
  • Joyful Noise and
  • Dark Tide


  • Matt Hatter Chronicles
  • Justin Time
  • My Babysitter’s a Vampire