David Wilkinson, Colorist at Technicolor Vancouver

David Wilkinson



Location:Technicolor Vancouver

David started at Technicolor in 2003, coloring a diverse number of projects ranging from commercials, television series, documentaries, independents and feature films. He credits both his talented clients and colleagues for mentoring him, thus helping to establish himself as a colorist early on.

As a colorist, David strives to embrace and preserve the original photography on a project, and approaches images with the same level of care the cinematographer had while creating them. He loves natural light and shadows with texture, and he always enjoys working with images that have been acquired using “in-camera” treatments and techniques. He especially enjoys coloring feature film dailies because of the detailed involvement in the project and daily interaction with the cinematographer.

One of the highlights of David’s career was his opportunity to sit with Cinematographer John Bailey while playing back dailies for him over several days. During that time, they discussed all things regarding film, technology, and The Pope of Greenwich Village, a film shot by John Bailey that was both a source of fond childhood memories, and a spark for David’s interest in film from an early age.

For inspiration and influence, David looks to directors Stanley Kubrick and Francis Ford Coppola, as well as cinematographers John Alcott, Gordon Willis, Michael Chapman, Vittorio Storaro and Ron Fricke. The photography of Gregory Crewdson, David Burdeny and Steve McCurry also serves as great artistic influence for David.

David was once told that “making an image look normal is the hardest thing you’ll ever do; focus on doing that first” and he adheres to this advice every time he works on a project. When not at work, David is an avid photographer who explores both digital and film formats with an emphasis on cinematic approach and style.

David’s recent Technicolor credits include:

  • Big Eyes
  • Elysium
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  • The A-Team