François Massé - Online Editor - Technicolor Montreal

François Massé

Online Editor



Meet François Massé, Online Editor at Technicolor Montreal.

François Massé started his career as a production technician at Cogéco Câble Saint-Hyacinthe. His multi-faceted position there introduced him to various professions, including cameraman, editor, producer and sometimes even a television host ! 

By the time he joined Technicolor Montreal, François had made his choice: he opted for a career in video editing. To begin, he spent two years as an assistant editor working nights, syncing rushes and duplication. After spending a year working on online editing, François devoted himself mainly to the Autodesk software systems, which enabled him to create visual effects.

Since 2006, he has been editing with his favorite Autodesk software : Smoke. Not too long ago, he started exploring 3D, a new aspect of his profession. In fact, he recently worked on Sarila 3D, a Quebecois feature, 3D animated film.

François views each new project as the start of a new adventure. One of the most impactful productions he worked on was the film Incendies and the television miniseries The Pillars of the Earth in 2010. He also enjoyed creating the workflow for Éléphant project, high-definition restoration of Quebec cinema’s heritage films.

François is thrilled by the variety of the projects he works on. He would also love to play the role of an action hero - one who cherishes the three women in his life: his wife and two daughters.