Opening a New Frontier of Wonder in Immersive Experiences

Palpable consumer excitement around virtual and augmented experiences is attracting some of the greatest minds in art, entertainment and technology. The idea of becoming immersed in experiences that surround and involve all human senses is giving rise to an entirely new art form that is re-writing the rules of engagement between people and the content they love.

At Technicolor we leverage our century of experience in creating memorable moving images, by pairing it with the latest in technology and digital artistry to deliver wondrous premium content. 

We are actively engaging with leading players across the entertainment and technology ecosystem – including those who create, deliver and display content -- to define the future of immersive experiences. Join us as we explore and develop this new frontier of wonder.

See Our Virtual Reality Content In Action

Partnering with 20th Century Fox and others, MPC created a thrilling preview of a mission to Mars.

MPC worked with Sony Pictures to create an in-theater VR Adventure experience for the film.

The Mill worked to create an immersive hoverboard ride with Lexus and George P. Johnson/Spinifex Group.

The Mill collaborated with Dos Equis and other creative companies on an interactive visit to the mansion of The Most Interesting Man in the World.


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Immersive Experiences Explored

Technicolor Presents: Next Generation Storytelling at Sundance 2016

Our industry continues to transform with new technologies in picture, sound and immersive environments. Technicolor explores the affects to the creative, the production, the post production and the distribution process in these new collaborative spaces. Spaces that no longer adhere to typical "media and entertainment" experiences, but allow filmmakers to tell stories in new ways and connect with audiences in exciting environments.

Exploring the Future of Immersive Experiences in Entertainment - Part One

Tim Sarnoff, President of Production Services, Technicolor describes the new frontier of immersive experiences in entertainment and the new level of collaboration that must take place between the creative and technological communities.

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Challenges and Opportunities in VR and AR Deployment

Virtual and augmented reality requires the active participation of consumers. Cristina Gomila, Chief Technology Officer, and Head of Research and Innovation at Technicolor, describes the key technology issues the industry must address to meet the expectations of engaged participants.

Making the Case for VR Today

While virtual reality has been around for decades, consumers and the market are now primed for VR. Nicolas Mollet, Principal Scientist with Technicolor, makes the case for why the time is ripe for immersive experiences.