Technicolor has played a prominent role in the development of today’s new imaging techniques and video formats. Our Imaging Science Laboratory is supplying key players within the film and consumer electronics industries with cutting-edge technology that allows for enhanced image quality, with dramatic colors and even more realistic movements. We are also providing easier access to content and improved compression performance.

Color Science & Applications

The Color Science & Applications (CS&A) Area aims at enhancing the end user experience by providing High Dynamic Range (« HDR ») and Wide Color Gamut (« WCG ») solutions.

One goal of CS&A is to enable new ways to color correct the artistic content in post-production for cinema or VR contents, to provide tools to automatically convert SDR content into HDR for live events or off-line workflows (VoD)

Another goal is to provide best in class content conversion solutions on the consumer side, either in Set Top Boxes, TVs or mobile devices like SDR to HDR conversion and vice versa, Color Gamut conversion, Color Enhancement, Color Accuracy.

These efforts rely on our long-standing background in color science and have delivered viable solutions to our Business Units as well as created valuable inventions to sustain our IP licensing business.

Compression Ecosystems

Create new technologies for compression of next generation video formats, opening the door to new immersive applications.  From flexible compression schemes for High Dynamic Range video to efficient compression approaches for Virtual and Augmented Reality content, our goal is not only to create new technologies, but to contribute to the definition of new standards in order to facilitate their deployment.  Beyond compression, we also investigate ways of improving the viewing experience by taking advantage of the new formats and advances in display technology and signal processing, which will lead to novel applications for media consumption in the home and on the go.  This activity is done in close relation with Technicolor’s IP licensing business and contributes to Connected Home roadmap.

Content Processing

The Content Processing Technical Area deals with different aspects of image processing and computer vision.

It addresses several dedicated applications, from post-production tools to mobile experience. This requires to understand the needs and constraints in each of this environment. While image editing would be at the heart of post-production tools (such as color grading, rotoscoping), for mobile our research axis focus more on image enhancement being portable on mobile platform.

Our activities cover as an example upscaling, regraining, color transfer, contrast enhancement and so on.

Core Video Coding

The Core Video Coding team studies the next generation of video compression schemes supporting future video formats, distribution means, rendering capabilities, and contributes to future video coding standards.



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Erik Reinhard


Content Processing

Connected light sources offer new and exciting opportunities for storytelling participation in the home. Professionally authored and controlled by colorists, the lighting effects enhance the visual experience for various content (movies, music videos, games, etc.) in ways never seen before. Introducing the concept for the first time, this immersive experience provides an opportunity from production to the home.