R&I Laboratories

At Technicolor, we are inventing the future of digital media -- creating outstanding content and delivering unique consumer media experiences for the home, theaters and on-the-go mobile devices. Through our six Research & Innovation Laboratories, we give life to breakthrough technologies that not only provide solutions to current industry challenges, but also lead the way towards new opportunities. Each Laboratory concentrates on complementary technological areas in order to ensure a broad array of in-depth scientific excellence and to maintain comprehensive coverage of the key technology domains that drive our markets. The renowned prowess of our Laboratories serves to strengthen our international influence in the technical and standards community as well as in the media & entertainment industry.

Content Platforms & Security Lab

Take a look at how we are user experience across content platforms and designing first-rate security and protection systems for high-value A/V content

Content Processing Lab

Discover Technicolor’s expertise in video analysis, metadata management and production, and post-production sound solutions.

Imaging Science Lab

Learn more about Technicolor’s leadership in imaging techniques and video formats,including image acquisition, processing, and coding.

Media Computing Lab

See how we are using crowdsourcing, wearable technology and mobile devices to develop solutions for tomorrow’s interactive media environment.

Personalization Lab

Learn how Technicolor is finding ways to measure and optimize the use of digital content while improving personal data privacy.

User Data Lab

Find out how Technicolor is helping companies analyze user data,manage personal information, and build contextual user profiles aligned with new monetization streams.