We develop strong ties with the top academics institutions to maintain our search of excellence. We promote and encourage postdoctoral researchers, visiting faculty, PhD students and numerous graduate student interns to come and spend time with us in our sites. During their time with us they will discover a group of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds working together in a stimulating, state-of-the-art environment that fosters new ideas and unleashes creativity.



In collaboration with Prof. Christian Theobalt, Max Planck Institute, we develop a novel approach for the automatic creation of a personalized high-quality 3D face rig of an actor from just monocular video data, e.g. vintage movies.


In collaboration with Oxford University’s Professor Philipp Torr, we design a joint system to recognize and track several important objects in a video shot, while progressively unveiling their geometry and their appearance.


In collaboration with Prof. George Church, Harvard Medical School, Technicolor provided at CES 2016 an exploratory demonstration featuring an innovative approach to reliably store and archive media content in the base sequence of DNA and the ability to retrieve the content without error.


In collaboration with Dr. Anatole Lecuyer, INRIA, Rennes1 University, we worked on haptic feedback for improving the audiovisual experience with major contributions from Fabien Danieau who successfully defended his thesis on that domain.



In collaboration with Dr. Christine Guillemot, INRIA, Rennes1 University, we work on computer vision techniques to improve the compression efficiency of future video coding standards. Non-local image prediction, self-learning linear interpolation, patch manifolds are among the topics we are studying with PhD students.



CVPR 2015 Biometrics Workshop Best Paper Award

Gaurav Sharma and Patrick Perez for the paper "Latent Max-margin Metric Learning for Comparing Video Face Tubes" which was presented on June 11th 2015 during CVPR 2015 Biometrics Workshop.

Best paper and best presentation at ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games

Pascal Lecocq, Arthur Dufay, Gaël Sourimant and Jean-Eudes Marvie for the paper “Accurate Analytic Approximations For Real-Time Specular Area Lighting” which was presented on February 27 - 28, 2016 during I3D 2016.

"La Recherche" Prize 2015

The paper "Archiving Cold Data in Warehouses with Clustered Network Coding", published in EuroSys 2014, was rewarded in the IT category.

Best thesis, 1st price from Rennes 1 Foundation

Fabien Danieau for his contribution to the study of haptic feedback for improving the audiovisual experience.