At Technicolor, we believe that sharing datasets within the scientific community is important to make research more effective, propose challenges, compare results, forge links and foster collaborations. You are welcome to use them for your research and do not hesitate to contact us (see conditions and contacts inside).

Violent Scenes Dataset

The VSD benchmark is a collection of ground-truth files based on the extraction of violent events in movies, together with high level audio and video concepts. It is intended to be used for assessing the quality of methods for the detection of violent scenes and/or the recognition of some high level, violent related, concepts in movies.

Hannah Dataset

Automatic extraction of face tracks is a key component of systems that analyses people in audio-visual content such as TV programs and movies. The Hannah dataset, based on the full audio-visual person annotation of a feature movie, enable state-of-the art tracking metrics to be exploited to evaluate face tracks used by, e.g., automatic character naming systems.