Download page

To download the database, we ask you to provide your name, email address and affiliation and to fill in and sign the EULA (End User License Agreement) form available here, by which you agree to the terms of use described below. Then send an email to asking for the database, with the EULA file attached and the above required information. You will receive instruction how to download the dataset via the provided email address.
We may store the data you supplied in order to contact you later about benchmark related matters. The data will not be used in any other way.

Terms of use

  1. Commercial use

The user may only use the dataset for academic research. The user may not use the database for any commercial purposes. Commercial purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • proving the efficiency of commercial systems,
  • training or testing of commercial systems,
  • using screenshots of data from the database in advertisements,
  • selling data from the database,
  • creating military applications.
  1. Distribution

The user may not distribute the dataset or portions thereof in any way, with the exception of using small portions of data for the exclusive purpose of clarifying academic publications or presentations. Note that publications will have to comply with the terms stated in article 4.

  1. Access

The user may only use the database after this End User License Agreement (EULA) has been signed and returned to the dataset administrators. The signed EULA should be returned in digital format by including it to the mail when requesting access to the dataset. Upon receipt of the EULA, a username and password to access the dataset will be issued. The user may not grant anyone access to the database by giving out their user name and password.

  1. Publications

Publications include not only papers, but also presentations for conferences or educational purposes. All documents and papers that report on research that uses the HR-EEG4EMO dataset will cite the following paper:

  1. Becker, J. Fleureau, P. Guillotel, F. Wendling, I. Merlet, and L. Albera, “Emotion recognition based on high-resolution EEG recordings and reconstructed brain sources”, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, 2016
  1. Warranty

The database comes without any warranty. University of Rennes 1, Inserm, LTSI and Technicolor R&D France cannot be held accountable for any damage (physical, financial or otherwise) caused by the use of the database.