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Accelerated Nearest Neighbor Search with Quick ADC
Fabien André; Nicolas Le Scouarnec; Anne-Marie Kermarrec
ICMR 2017, Jun 2017


Perceptual Lightness Modeling for High Dynamic Range Imaging
Mekides Abebe, Tania Pouli, Chaker Larabi, Erik Reinhard
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 2017


Dataset and Pipeline for Multi-View Light Field Video
Neus Sabater;Guillaume Boisson;Benoit Vandame;Paul Kerbiriou;Frederic Babon;Matthieu Hog;Remy Gendrot;Tristan Langlois;Didier Doyen;Olivier Bureller;Arno Schubert;Valerie Allie
CVPR - Light Field Workshop , May 2017


Prédiction de pannes DSL par mesure passive sur des passerelles domestiques
Pascal Le Guyadec; Christoph Neumann
CoRes 2017, May 2017


La face topologique des recommendations
Erwan Le Merrer; Gilles Trédan
ALGOTEL 2017, May 2017


An Image Rendering Pipeline for Focused Plenoptic Cameras
Matthieu Hog; Neus Sabater; Benoit Vandame; Valter Drazic
IEEE Transactions of Computational Imaging, May 2017


Adaptive Clipping in JEM
Franck Galpin; Philippe Bordes; Fabien Racapé
DCC-2017, Apr 2017


Optimization of Sample Adaptive Band Offset in HEVC
Ya Chen; Philippe Bordes; Tangi Poirier; Fabien Racapé
DCC_2017, Apr 2017


The Group k-Support Norm for Learning with Structured Sparsity
Nikhil Rao; Miroslav Dudik; Zaid Harchaoui
ICASSP, Mar 2017


Infrastructure-less Indoor Localizatin Usng Light Fingerprints
Shahab Hamidi-Rad; Kent Lyons; Naveen Goela
ICASSP 2017, Mar 2017


Gilles Puy; Alexey Ozerov; Ngoc Q. K. Duong; Patrick Pérez
ICASSP 2017, Mar 2017


Edouard François; Leon van de Kerkhof
SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, Mar 2017


Node Embedding for Network Community Detection
Christy Lin; Prakash Ishwar; Ding Weicong
2017 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Mar 2017


Scalable image coding based on epitomes
Martin Alain; Christine Guillemot;Dominique Thoreau; Philippe Guillotel
IEEE Trans on Image Processing, Mar 2017


Uncovering Influence Cookbooks : Reverse Engineering the Topological Impact in Peer Ranking Services
Erwan Le Merrer; Gilles Trédan
CSCW, Mar 2017


Attention guidance for immersive video content in head-mounted displays
Fabien Danieau, Antoine Guillo, Renaud Doré
IEEE VR, Mar 2017


Salient360! : Visual attention modeling for 360o Images Grand Challenge
Y. Rai; P. Le Callet; P. Guillotel
ICME (IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo), Feb 2017


Towards a Perceptually-Motivated Color Space for High Dynamic Range Imaging
M Abebe, T Pouli, Chaker Larabi
Electronic Imaging 2017 (18), 48-59, Feb 2017


Analytic Approximations for Real-time Area-Light Shading
Lecocq Pascal; Dufay Arthur; Sourimant Gael; Marvie Jean-Eudes
IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Jan 2017


Color Management in HDR Imaging
Tania Pouli, Erik Reinhard, Chaker Larabi, and Mekides Abebe,
Book chapter in High Dynamic Range Video: From Acquisition to Display and Applications (ed. F. Dufaux, P. Le Callet, R. Mantiuk, M. Mrak), Academic Press, 2016


Mixed Reality Extended TV
Matthieu Fradet; Vincent Alleaume; Caroline Baillard; Pierrick Jouet; Anthony Laurent; Tao Luo; Philippe Robert; Fabien Servant
CVMP, Dec 2016


Improved Coefficient Coding for Adaptive Transforms in HEVC
Saurabh Puri; Sebastien Lasserre, Patrick Le Callet
PCS 2016, Dec 2016


High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut video standardization - status and perspectives
Edouard Francois; Philippe Bordes; Fabrice LeLeannec; Sebastien Lasserre ; Pierre Andrivon
High Dynamic Range Video - 1st Edition, Elsevier, 2016


Technicolor-Philips HDR Solution
Fulong Ma; Pierre Andrivon
International Conference on Technology Convergence, 2016


Single-layer HDR video coding with SDR backward compatibility
Sébastien Lasserre; Edouard François; Fabrice Le Léannec; David Touzé
Proc. Of SPIE, Oct 2016


MediaEval 2016 Predicting Media Interestingness Task
Claire-Hélène Demarty; Mats Sjöberg; Bogdan Ionescu; Thanh-Toan Do;Hanli Wang; Ngoc Q. K. Duong; Frédéric Lefebvre
MediaEval Workshop, Oct 2016


Light Field Segmentation Using a Ray Based Graph Structure
Hog Matthieu; Sabater Neus; Guillemot Christine
ECCV'16, Oct 2016


Approximate search with quantized sparse representations
H. Jain, P. Pérez, R. Gribonval, J. Zepeda, H. Jégou
ECCV'16, Oct 2016


SPLeaP: Soft Pooling of Learned Parts for Image Classification
P. Kulkarni, F. Jurie, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez, L. Chevalier
ECCV'16, Oct 2016


2D Input for Virtual Reality Enclosures with Magnetic Field Sensing
K. Lyons.
Proceedings of ISWC 16. Heidelberg, Germany. September 2016


Exploring the Design Space of Touch-based Vibrotactile Interactions for Smartwatches
H. Seifi, K. Lyons.
Proceedings of ISWC 16. Heidelberg, Germany. September 2016


Smartwatch Innovation: Exploring a Watch-First Model
K. Lyons.
IEEE Pervasive Computing, Volume 15(1), pp. 10–13, 2016


The Structure of Polarized Channels via Explicit Parameters
Naveen Goela
Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Sep 2016


Clustering-Based Linear Mappings Learning For Quantization Noise Removal
Martin Alain, Christine Guillemot, Dominique Thoreau and Philippe Guillotel
IEEE 2016 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Sep 2016


Supervised learning of low-rank transforms for image retrieval
C. Bilen, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez
IEEE 2016 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Sep 2016


Hierarchical motion decomposition for dynamic scene parsing
J.M. Pérez-Rua, T. Crivelli, P. Pérez, P. Bouthemy
IEEE 2016 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Sep 2016


Reflectance and Illumination Estimation for Realistic Augmentations of Real Scenes
Salma Jiddi, Philippe Robert, Eric Marchand
ISMAR 2016, Sep 2016


Visual Parameters Impacting Reaction Times on Smartwatches
Kent Lyons
Mobile HCI, Sep 2016


Motion Driven Tonal Stabilization
Oriel Frigo ; Neus Sabater ; Julie Delon ; Pierre Hellier
IEEE transactions on Image Processing, Sep 2016


Just One More: Modeling Binge Watching Behavior
William Trouleau, Azin Ashkan, Weicong Ding, and Brian Eriksson
Proc. ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD), San Francisco, CA, USA, Aug. 13-17, 2016


HDR tutorial
Erik Reinhard
IEEE ICIP 2016, Aug 2016


HDR tutorial
Erik Reinhard
Eusipco 2016, Aug 2016


The CNN news footage datasets: Enabling supervision in image retrieval
C. Bilen, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez
EUSIPCO 2016, Aug 2016


Text-informed speech inpainting via voice conversion
P. Prablanc, N. Duong, A. Ozerov, P. Pérez
EUSIPCO 2016, Aug 2016


Overview of Color Gamut Scalability
Philippe Bordes, Pierre Andrivon, Xiang Li, Yan Ye, Yuwen He
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Aug 2016


Cache Friendly Micro-Jittering
Arthur Dufay; Pascal Lecocq; Jean-Eudes Marvie; Romain Pacanowski; Xavier Granier
SIGGRAPH 2016, Jul 2016


Introducing Basic Principles of Haptic Cinematography Editing
Philippe Guillotel; Fabien Danieau; Julien Fleureau; Ines Rouxel
Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing (WICED) , Jul 2016


Dynamic Texture Rendering using Pseudo-Haptic Feedback and Audio Cues
Y. Lefevre, A. Costes, F. Danieau, J. Fleureau, P. Guillotel
Eurohaptics 2016 conference, Jul 2016


Big Social Data Analytics in Journalism and Mass Communication: Comparing Dictionary-based Text Analysis and Unsupervised Topic Modeling
Lei Guo L, Christy Vargo, Weicong Ding, Prakash Ishwar
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly,  June 2016 vol. 93 no. 2, pp. 332-359


Generic drone control platform for autonomous capture of cinema scenes
Q. Galvane; J. Fleureau; F.L. Tariolles; P. Guillotel
Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications for Civilian Use (DroNet), Jun 2016


Split and Match: Example-based Adaptive Patch Sampling for Unsupervised Style Transfer
Oriel Frigo ; Neus Sabater ; Julie Delon ; Pierre Hellier
IEEE International conference on pattern recognition, CVPR, Jun 2016


Determining occlusions from space and time image reconstructions
J-M Pérez, T. Crivelli, P. Pérez., P. Bouthemy
IEEE International conference on pattern recognition, CVPR, Jun 2016


Automated Cinematography with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Q. Galvane; J. Fleureau; F.L. Tariolles; P. Guillotel
Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing (WICED) , May 2016


Computation in Multicast Networks: Function Alignment and Converse Theorems
Changho Suh, Naveen Goela, Michael Gastpar
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 1866-1877, April, 2016


Contact Visualization
Jean-Eudes Marvie;Gael Sourimant;Arthur Dufay
WICED 2016 - 5th Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing, May 2016


Locally-weighted template-matching based prediction for cloud-based image compression
Jean Begaint, Dominique Thoreau, Philippe Guillotel  and Mehmet Turkan
IEEE 2016 Data Compression Conference (DCC), Mar 2016


Extrafoveal Video Extension for an Immersive Viewing Experience
L. Turban; P. Guillotel; F. Urban
IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), Mar 2016


Visualizing the Emotional Journey of a Museum
Shen DU, Edouard SHU, Feifei TONG, Yinghao GE, Lu LI, Jingbo QIU, Philippe GUILLOTEL, Julien FLEUREAU, Daniel MULLER
IUI 2016 Workshop on Emotion and Visualization (Emovis), Mar 2016


Extrafoveal Video Extension for an Immersive Viewing Experience
L. Turban; P. Guillotel; F. Urban
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), Mar 2016


Encoding Movies and Data in DNA Storage
Naveen Goela; Jean Bolot
2016 Information Theory and Applications (ITA-2016), Feb 2016


Efficient and Transparent Wi-Fi Offloading for HTTP(S) POSTs
Kévin Huguenin, Erwan Le Merrer, Nicolas Le Scouarnec, Gilles Straub
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Jan 2016


Frugal Topology Construction for Stream Aggregation in the Cloud
Rachid Guerraoui, Erwan Le Merrer, Rhicheek Patra, Bao-Duy Tran


Accurate Analytic Approximations for Real-time Specular Area Lighting
Pascal Lecocq, Arthur Dufay, Gaël Sourimant and Jean-Eudes Marvie
i3D 2016, February 2016


Visual object trapping
T. Crivelli, P. Pérez, L. Oisel
CVIU 2016


Object-guided motion estimation
J.M. Pérez-Rua, T. Crivelli, P. Pérez
CVIU 2016


Corrective 3D reconstruction of lips from monocular video
P. Garrido, M. Zolhöfer, C. Wu, D. Bradley, P. Pérez, Th. Beeler, Ch. Theobalt
ACM TOG 2016


Reconstruction of personalized 3D face rigs from monocular video
P. Garrido, M. Zollhoefer, D. Casas, L. Valgaerts, K. Varanasi, P. Perez, Ch. Theobalt
ACM TOG 2016


Cotemporal multiview video segmentation
A. Djelouah, J.S. Franco, E. Boyer, P. Pérez, G. Drettakis
3DV 2016


Maximum margin linear classifiers in unions of subspaces
X. Rui, J. Zepda, P. Pérez
BMVC 2016


Discovering motion hierarchies via tree-structured coding of trajectories
J.M. Pérez-Rua, T. Crivelli, P. Pérez, P. Bouthemy
BMVC 2016


Multichannel audio declipping
A. Ozerov, C. Bilen, P. Pérez


Sketching for large-scale learning of mixture models
N. Keriven, A. Bourrier, R. Gribonval, P. Pérez


Automatic allocation of NTF components for user-guided audio source separation
C. Bilen, A. Ozerov, P. Pérez