[CLOSED] [HOME_NW_001] Efficient activation of small cells in 5G networks 

In order to face the continuous increase in the cellular data traffic, the envisioned 5G network is foreseen to have a grid of densely deployed small cells to underlay de legacy macro-cellular network. In order to maintain low cost, the small cells are desired to be self-organized and energy efficient. The goal of this internship is to explore the mechanisms to efficiently activate/deactivate the small cells, knowing that the information required (e.g., available energy, number of potential users) to make the best choice is difficult to acquire and therefore limited.

Skills : Networking, at least one programming language (e.g. Python, C++), Knowledge of OpenAirInterface and Game Theory would be a plus

Keywords : 5G networks, cellular networks, ultra-dense networks, small cells.

This internship is located in Rennes, France. If interested, please apply at stage.rennes@technicolor.com by sending us your resume and a cover letter with the internship reference in the email subject line.