Isabelle Lussier - Re-Recording Mixer - Technicolor Montreal

Isabelle Lussier

Re-Recording Mixer

Group:Sound Mixers


Meet Isabelle Lussier, Re-Recording Mixer at Technicolor.

Before joining Technicolor, Isabelle spent time working in sound design for music and theater productions. In 2002, she was hired by Cirque du Soleil to archive their music in digital format. After these experiences, post-production was a natural path to follow. In 2007, she joined Technicolor as an intern and was snapped up as an employee afterwards. Since then, some of her notable projects include pre-mixing Foley for 10 feature films and being second Re-Recording Mixer for four other productions, as well as mixing 75 episodes of the reality show Opération séduction. She also mixed many short films for INIS and independent projects over the years.

Isabelle uses plenty of technology for her work, and some of her favorite softwares include Pro Tools, Nuendo and Logic. She is particularly excited to work with the Euphonix console and Pro Tools 10.

Isabelle views every single film she watches as a source of artistic influence: "I marvel at it all, from the simplest soundtracks to elaborate action movies to inventive Foley in animation films!" By the year's end, Isabelle hopes to keep growing as a mixer and continue meeting creative people with whom she can build strong professional relationships on into the future.

In her free time, Isabelle likes to go running, watch films and play the drums in a band. She dreams of buying a house with a soundproof studio in which she can play music and do some recording.

Isabelle’s recent credits for Technicolor include:

  • Pour l’amour de Dieu
  • Une vie qui commence
  • Opération séduction
  • Marécages
  • Le vendeur
  • Gerry