Jonathan Kervec - Senior Scientist

Jonathan Kervec

Senior Scientist



Short Bio:

I am a senior scientist at Technicolor Research & Innovation France. I studied Physics and Signal Processing at the University. In 1995, I received an academic Master’s degree from Rennes University and one year later a post master’s degree from the ENST Bretagne French engineering school. In 1996, I joined Thomson/Technicolor as a R&D Engineer and started to work on camera and front projection display materials. Rapidly, I focused on picture quality improvement for displays. I have developed several algorithms; some of them are based on motion estimation and compensation techniques, they are implemented in several professional products (video encoder MPEG2/4 HD and SD), frame rate converter, video de-interlacing for Mobile TV platform). From 2003 to 2009, I worked on Plasma Display Panel Picture quality subject in co-operation with a Korean Company and managed Rennes Plasma team. From 2009 to present, I have been involved in Software algorithm research for film restoration topic and semi-automatic or automatic software tool for professional video post production

Research interests:

My main research area covers picture quality enhancement,spatio-temporal effects in video sequence, motion estimation/compensation, flat panel display addressing and technologies.

For the last two years, I have been working on color mapping and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video topics


I am involved in color mapping project for professional video post production and in HDR topic, particularly on reverse tone mapping algorithm development

List of achievements:

Transfers to Business Units/ Customers:

  • Color plane registration module for film restoration developed and integrated in a Technicolor restoration tool (2011)
  • Real time motion estimation/compensation 50 inches plasma prototype upgraded and transferred (from 2003 to 2009)
  • Real time deinterlacing algorithm was implemented on PC platform and is used in a Mobile TV platform for mobile phone application (2008)
  • A high definition version of a HD_motion estimator (2005) was integrated in a MPEG2/4 encoder product.
  • SD video motion estimator (2001), this IP block is used in the pre processing module of a professional video encoder product.


Latest publications


Approximate Cross Channel Color Mapping from Sparse Color Correspondences

Hasan Sheikh Faridul, Jurgen Stauder, Jonathan Kervec, Alain Trémeau

December 08, 2013



Patrick Morvan, Abhijit Sarkar, Jurgen Stauder, Laurent Blondé, Jonathan Kervec, Hasan Sheikh Faridul

July 11, 2011