Karine Brie - Adaptor - Technicolor Montreal

Karine Brie

Versioning Adaptor for Documentaries



Meet Karine Brie, Adaptor at Technicolor Montreal.

Karine Brie joined Technicolor in July 2010, and started out as a linguistic copy editor before becoming a versioning adaptor for documentaries. Either by discretion or a taste for mystery, Karine knows how to muddy the waters: despite her well-behaved demeanor, she would love to play a villain’s role in a movie. And while she believes the Internet has had an immense impact on day-to-day life, she prefers to use her battery-powered MP3 player to listen to music.

Her favorite pastime when she’s not at the office? “Sleep!” she responds spontaneously. She then turns to literature and cinema: “I am discovering literary classics. Currently, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre is on my bedside table. When it comes to films, I have a weak spot for those directed by Clint Eastwood... and certain Christmas movies too!”