Kent Lyons

Kent Lyons

Principal Scientist

Location:Los Altos


Short Bio:

Dr. Kent Lyons' work focuses on creating novel technologies for wearables, mobile, and ubiquitous computing devices. He does this by creating interactive systems using wearable technologies like watches and near-eye displays. He has also built and studied fundamental interaction techniques including text entry and pointing for wearables. This research often spans hardware, firmware, mobile and multi-device technologies. Kent earned his Ph.D. in C.S. from Georgia Tech in 2005.

Latest publications


Infrastructure-less Indoor Localizatin Usng Light Fingerprints

March 05, 2017

Visual Parameters Impacting Reaction Times on Smartwatches

Mobile HCI
September 16, 2016

2D Input for Virtual Reality Enclosures with Magnetic Field Sensing

Proceedings of ISWC 16. Heidelberg, Germany. September 2016
September 16, 2016