Kevin Chandoo - Creative Director - Technicolor Toronto

Kevin Chandoo

Creative Director


Location:Technicolor Toronto

Meet Kevin Chandoo, Creative Director at Technicolor Toronto.

Kevin has won numerous awards for his work, including a Gemini Award for Best Achievement in Main Title Design. The list goes on to include Gold, Silver and Bronze PromaxBDA's and seven Applied Arts Awards. 

Prior to becoming Creative Director, Kevin worked as a compositor and designer. He has a profound understanding of the nuances involved in communicating ideas and narrative visually, on screen.

A highlight of Kevin’s professional career was having the opportunity to conceptualize and rebrand The Shopping Channel. That, coupled with his key involvement with an Olympic spot for a successful Samsung ad attests to his artistic vision. The time and dedication to both of these projects aligns with Kevin’s fundamental belief that one should aspire to live a life of excellence and integrity both personally and professionally.

One of Kevin’s favorite techniques with regards to his work is to find a way to define a frame without borders. It’s one of his signature interests and talents, which he puts to use constantly while building a body of work that aims to be progressive. This enables him the opportunity to experiment, tweak and grow.

Kevin is thrilled to see the potential benefits of SixthSense technology. He enjoys employing tools that help the physical world interact more smoothly and directly, with the world of data. 

As an artist, Kevin is inspired and influenced by the artist Salvador Dali; the film title sequences master Kyle Cooper, the director Hype Williams, and the architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright. On a personal level, one of Kevin’s favorite movies is Predator, and he completely enjoys the soothing sounds of classical music.

When he’s not working on a project, Kevin endevours to create lasting memories with his wife and children.

Recent Technicolor Credits:

  • The Firm
  • Curious and Unusual Deaths
  • Titanic
  • Flashpoint
  • Breakaway