Klaus Gaedke

Lab Manager & Principal Scientist

Short Bio

Since 2006, Klaus Gaedke has been responsible for the Image Processing Lab at R&I Hannover. The Lab currently hosts 4 main activities: interactive content rendering as part of the European funded project FascinatE, the development of a distributed metadata repository as part of the European funded project TOSCA, the Automatic Restoration Tool ART, and the development of a digital long-term archiving solution called Bits on Film.

During his time as Lab Manager, Klaus also contributed to the German funded THESEUS / CONTENTUS project and an exploratory project on long-term archiving.

Klaus is an expert in the field of VLSI design, high performance parallel software implementations on multiprocessors and video processing.  He studied electronic engineering at the University of Hannover where he received his diploma and Ph.D. degrees in 1988 and 1996, respectively.

Klaus is an associate member of Technicolor's Fellowship Network and a visiting lecturer at the University of Hannover.


Latest publications


Cost-effective GPU Acceleration of a Video Restoration and Archiving Workflow

GTC 2012
May 16, 2012