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Marc began his research in the field of smart cards, especially those based on Java Card language. In the early 2000s, his work focused on the analysis of these programs run from smart cards to ensure that they respect some security policies. In 2003, Marc joined Cadimes as consultant in the areas of security and languages​​, he designed solutions based on smart cards.
In 2007, Marc joined Technicolor, in order to define and implement a Certification Authority based cryptographic smart cards in order to sign all of the information used in SmartPro, which later became Content Armor. He continued to work on security issues by incorporating the concept of usability. The idea is that many aspects of information security combine technical and human factors. If a highly secure system is unusable, users will try to circumvent the system or move entirely to less secure but more usable systems. Problems with usability are a major contributor to many high-profile security failures today. However, usable security is not well-aligned with traditional usability for a main reason: security is rarely the desired goal of the individual. In fact, security is usually orthogonal and often in opposition to the actual goal. Marc began to incorporate this concept in the authentication domain through graphical passwords.
In 2010, the work of Marc is soaked by the problematic of usability. During a collaboration with R&I in Mixed-Reality Project, Marc participated to the development of modular protection of 3D meshes with many patents.

Since his transfer to R&I in 2012, Marc uses his skills now in the domain of Collective Creation wherein exists some usability problems, authentication is a very good example.

Latest publications


Analyses et représentations visuelles de films

Marc Éluard, Aurelien Longuet

Workshop On Analysis and Visualization of Stories (WAVIS)
September 27, 2016

Impact of Geometry-Preserving Encryption on Rendering Time

Marc Éluard, Yves Maetz, Gwenaël Doërr

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2014)
October 30, 2014

Impact of Geometry-preserving Encryption on Rendering Time

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2014)
October 29, 2014

Geometry-preserving Encryption for 3D Meshes

Marc Éluard, Yves Maetz, Gwenaël Doërr

COmpression et REprésentation des Signaux Audiovisuels (CORESA 2013)
November 28, 2013


Action-based graphical password: Click-a-Secret

Marc Éluard, Yves Maetz, Davide Alessio

ICCE 2011
January 09, 2011