Masanobu Tomita - Supervising Sound Designer - Sound Lab at Technicolor

Masanobu Tomita

Supervising Sound Designer - The Sound Lab at Technicolor

Group:Sound Lab


Tomi’s story:

Masanobu “Tomi” Tomita is Supervising Sound Designer for The Sound Lab at Technicolor. 

Tomi worked as a sound designer for 15 years on the 'Star Trek' TV shows and for several seasons on 'NCIS'. In recent years, he has worked on several major game titles, such as 'Resident Evil 6' and 'Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn' as well as features and commercials.  

Tomi has been honored with an Emmy and three Golden Reel awards throughout his career.  

His specialty tool is Synclavier, and he is fluent in both Japanese and English.