Mathieu Beausoleil - Junior Editor - Technicolor Montreal

Mathieu Beausoleil

Junior Editor



Meet Mathieu Beausoleil, Junior Editor at Technicolor Montreal.

Two years ago, Mathieu started out as an intern at Technicolor and was hired directly afterwards. As soon as he finished his training, Mathieu started to work on a number of different projects. He has been learning how to use new software all along. “Since I was on the night shift for a while, I took advantage of the alone time to sharpen my troubleshooting skills,” he says. “I was really pleased when it got to the point where I could solve all of my issues and start helping others too!”

Now that he knows more about the tools of the trade, Mathieu is especially excited to follow the development of 3D technology: “It’s very impressive and supposed to develop a lot in the next few years. I can’t wait to see how far it goes.” 

If Mathieu could play any character in a film it would be a draw between Garfield and Darth Vader. Some of his favorite movies include Into the Wild, V for Vendetta and Kingdom of Heaven. When he is away from work, Mathieu likes to stay informed of current events and spend time with his friends. He also enjoys discovering new movies and TV series. His goal between now and the end of 2012 is to continue improving his editing skills.