Mike Dobroski - Colorist - Technicolor Toronto

Mike Dobroski



Location:Technicolor Toronto

Meet Mike Dobroski, Colorist at Technicolor Toronto.

Mike has been with Technicolor for 15 years and enjoys bringing a sense of humour to his work.  While one of his unique achievements was winning an award for Best Udders in the Holstein Division at the 1983 Forest Fair, perhaps his most memorable professional moment was having a chance to meet both the actor Dan Aykroyd and the guitarist Jimmie Vaughan in the same night.

Among Mike’s artistic influences you’ll find comedians like John Candy, Norm Macdonald, Rodney Dangerfield and Howard Stern. Macdonald also happens to be one of Mike’s heroes, along with hockey great Robert Gordon “Bobby” Orr. Comedy and hockey figure a lot in Mike’s memories and past times.  He has fond memories of having scored a hat trick in ball hockey ten years ago, and his favorite movie is a tie between Caddy Shack and Slap Shot.  

Mike is excited about the DaVinci Resolve color corrector.  Aside from cutting-edge color grading tools, he’s also an adamant fan of his iPod and happens to own a “bitch’n yo yo collection.”  One of his favorite songs is “Catfish 2 Boogaloo” by the Sheepdogs, the only unsigned band ever to grace the cover of Rolling Stone – and they’re Canadian!

When not working, Mike enjoys flying a kite and dining at The Angry Bovine in Toronto. Throughout his work and play, Mike’s good humour seems guided by the advice given to him by his Granny: “Make like every day is raining and wear your rubbers!”

Recent Technicolor Credits:

  • Degrassi TNG
  • The LA Complex
  • Todd and The Pure Book Of Evil
  • Flashpoint
  • Kick Ass