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Pascal Martin

Assistant editor



After beginning his career with the post production company PMT Vidéo, Pascal joined Technicolor Montréal as an assistant editor. Since then, Pascal has worked for the versioning department where, he says, "each day brings a new set of challenges.”

Pascal is passionate about Japan. Japanese culture has long fascinated him and has provided him with a source of inspiration: from manga – a world for which he’s developed an intimate acquaintance – to music, where he is always on the lookout for new tunes. So it should be no shock that his favorite song is Naisho no Hanashi, from the original soundtrack of the Japanese anime film Nisemonogatari.

In his free time, Pascal likes to dive into Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a masterpiece of classical Chinese literature. But Pascal also enjoys going out with friends, playing boardgames and watching movies, like Star Wars. That’s right: in addition to Asian culture, Pascal is also a huge fan of The Empire Strikes Back!