Paul Deakin - Senior Editor - Technicolor Toronto

Paul Deakin

Senior Editor



Meet Paul Deakin, Senior Editor at Technicolor Toronto.

An experienced editing veteran, Paul has recently worked on The Firm, KING and the movie-of-the-week Love Me.

Paul enjoys working with Avid, Final Cut, Resolve and looks forward to seeing the next development of these key editing tools.  He’s also a fan of the iPad and appreciates the convenience and versatility of his Blackberry.

While one of Paul’s favorite characters in film is the playful Jack Sparrow, his hero in real life is the inspirational Terry Fox. 

When not working, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and says that his proudest moment in life was having his kids.

Recent Credits:

  • The Firm
  • King
  • Love Me
  • Saving Hope