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Paul Kerbiriou




What's new:

Successful demo at Technicolor's Science & Technology Week 2012.

Short Bio:

After obtaining a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) in Biomedical engineering from the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) in 1985, I worked for the Caption Company (Telmat Group) in the 3D graphics domain in which I played the role of system architect (hardware & software).

I have joined Technicolor R&D France (formerly Thomson R&D France) in 1999 to bring my expertise in multimedia system architecture for MPEG-4 Systems applications development. I am currently working on cinema content acquisition technologies including stereo and depth signal acquisition.

All along my career, I have been involved in french and european collaborative projects, the most recently one being 3D4YOU.

Research interests:

  • Computer Vision & Graphics
  • Signal processing and video coding
  • System architectures.


Project manager

  •     MPEG-4 Systems - Multimedia streaming
  •     Video streaming over IP
  •     HDTV encoder (support to Grass Valley)

Research engineer

  • 3DTV coding algorithms (disparity map transmission)
  • Video content acquition with trifocal camera rig + depth sensor

Involved in several European and French collaborative projects.


Latest publications


Dataset and Pipeline for Multi-View Light Field Video

Neus Sabater, Guillaume Boisson, Benoit Vandame, Paul Kerbiriou, Frederic Babon, Matthieu Hog, Remy Gendrot, Tristan Langlois, Didier Doyen, Olivier Bureller, Arno Schubert, Valérie Allié

CVPR - Light Field Workshop
May 16, 2017

Fusion of Kinect depth data with trifocal disparity estimation for near real-time high quality depth maps generation

IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference Stereoscopic Displays & Applications (SD&A), San Francisco, 2-6 February 2014
March 03, 2014


Framework for enhancing video viewing experience with haptic effects of motion

Fabien Danieau, Julien Fleureau, Audrey Cabec, Paul Kerbiriou, Philippe Guillotel, Nicolas Mollet, Marc Christie, Anatole Lécuyer

Haptics 2012
March 06, 2012

Measuring the quality of haptic-audio-visual experience

Fabien Danieau, Julien Fleureau, Audrey Cabec, Paul Kerbiriou, Philippe Guillotel, Marc Christie, Nicolas Mollet, Anatole Lécuyer

Haptics 2012
March 04, 2012

Depth-based representations: which coding format for 3D video broadcast applications?

January 15, 2011