Paul Williamson - Sound Re-recording - Technicolor Toronto

Paul Williamson

Sound Re-recording Mixer

Group:Sound Mixers

Location:Technicolor Toronto

Meet Paul Williamson, Sound Re-recording Mixer for Technicolor Toronto.

Early in his career, Paul went from transferring ¼” tape to 16mm mags, to being the machine room operator for the 16/35 mm mag dubbing mix theatre at PFA Film and Video. There he quickly learned to make optical tracks for film prints, dialogue and SFX editing, and sound mixing. Eventually, Paul moved on to mixing commercials, TV movies and series, and was a re-recording mixer when Technicolor brought several locations together under one roof at the Ontario St facility in 2005.

Some of Paul’s biggest professional accomplishments have been becoming a lead mixer and winning two Gemini Awards for Best Sound in a Dramatic Program.  Paul is particularly proud of the work he put into the mix for the 2009 Gemini Winning TV mini-series "Everest."  He feels that the entire sound team did an outstanding job right from the location recording, to sound editing, foley, music composition and mixing.

Since then Paul has gone on to have a successful career as a re-recording mixer.  He thinks it is essential to listen first, then reach for the many tools and plug-ins at hand within Pro Tools to get the desired sound. He feels that at times new technologies can be a distraction, but when used properly it's amazing what can be done these days.

Among Paul’s artistic influences are sound mixers Wally Weaver, Elius Caruso and John Gare. In his spare time, he is enriched by playing guitar, reading a book, going for a motorcycle ride or watching his daughter play soccer.

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