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Peter Baum


Short Bio:

Since 2012, Peter G. Baum has been the Program Coordinator for Technicolor’s Technology Transfer Unit. He continues to be involved in research activities related to watermarking, though his main focus is in transferring research results to the business units. One of Peter’s recent projects was coordinating the usage of audio watermarking for second-screen synchronization by Magic Ruby.

In 2010, Peter became the Research Coordinator in Forensics at Technicolor’s Security and Content Protection Labs and was also manager of the Security and Content Protection Lab Hannover, where he oversaw all research concerning watermarking.  His group also ported audio and video watermarking algorithms to embedded devices to be used in set-top boxes or routers.

Peter joined Thomson in 2001 as a researcher in Thomson's Audio Lab in Hannover and worked on mp3PRO. He then led a group that started Technicolor's audio watermarking technology that was then used for forensic tracking in digital cinema theatres and for audience measurements of French TV channels.

Peter studied mechanical engineering at the University of Hannover where he received

his diploma degree in 1994 and his Dr.-Ing. (Ph.D.) degree in 2000.  From 1995 to 1997 he worked in a consulting company for signal processing and mechanical engineering.

Peter is an associate member of Technicolor's Fellowship Network.

Latest publications


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Content als Trigger - Die Verbindung zwischen Fernseher und Second Screen

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May 24, 2012