Pierre Laroche - Re-recording Engineer - Technicolor Montreal

Pierre Laroche

Re-recording Engineer

Group:Sound Re-recording Mixers


Meet Pierre Laroche, Re-recording Engineer at Technicolor Montreal.

Pierre Laroche has had an unusual career path: after spending time as a sergeant in the Canadian army, he kicked off his post production career in January 2000. He joined Technicolor as an Assistant Mixer, working with Jean-Michel Descombes and Gavin Fernandes. Pierre still regards these men as his most significant teachers in the world of mixing. Today, his main focus is versioning for works of fiction. Dragons and Fast and Furious 5 have been some of his favorite projects so far.

Pierre particularly appreciates the TC 6000 mixing tool, which he uses on a daily basis. He says it gives him a higher quality result for both recording and sound restoration. Pierre also perfectly masters Pro Tools and Sony Vegas software. When it comes to artistic influences, he first names his colleagues at Technicolor: Jean-Michel Descombes, Gavin Fernandes and Réjean Juteau. He also cites his musical preferences, particularly Rufus Wainwright: “I’m a big fan of his cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.” Pierre is also a cinephile, and he dreams of having the same high-quality cinematic equipment that he uses at Technicolor in his own home.

Pierre spends much of his free time renovating his home’s backyard, which is his favorite place to relax or he reads science fiction novels, such as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. When he can, he gets away from it all at his Lanaudière chalet—no electricity or cell phones!

Pierre has been involved in a number of films while working at Technicolor. Such films include Quebec Oscar winner feature film The Barbarian Invasions, Quebec Seducing Doctor Lewis and John Duigan’s Head in the Clouds. He also worked on IMAX documentary Great North and Bittersweet Memories, which won the 2005 Jutra Award for Best Achievement in Overall Sound.