Ralf Köhler

Ralf Köhler

Principal Scientist, Distinguished R&D Engineer

Short Bio

Ralf Köhler has been a Principal Scientist and Distinguished R&D Engineer at Technicolor R&I Germany since 2000.

Since end of 2009 Ralf has been leading a project to develop content enhancement software technologies for Technicolor broadcast and cinematography applications. Key features of these technologies are high throughput, max. format support (SD up to 4K) and full or near automatic operation. The major deliverable, the Automatic Restoration Tool, received great feedback from Technicolor BU and external interested parties and is currently under transfer to the Technicolor Creative Services business unit.

Ralf is an expert in high performance computing, networks and systems, software architecture, low level driver development up to GUI programming, parallel processing and agile software development. He implemented and leads key software SCM infrastructure activities in Hannover.

Ralf joined Technicolor R&I Hannover in 2000.  He was first responsible for the development of cross-platform multimedia streaming software stacks (IP-TV, DVB-IPI and PnP Home Networks) for embedded and PC platforms.  In the following Ralf led research and product development of high-speed WAN file transfer and networked uncompressed video processing workflow and streaming solutions with multi-gigabit speed for cinematography and broadcast HD/2K/4K production (Datapump). Based on this technology Technicolor R&I demonstrated the world's first successful 4K uncompressed real-time wide area transmission.

From 1995 until 2000 he was with SICAN GmbH, Hannover, Germany, as system architect and project lead of customer oriented product development of networked embedded and high-end PC-based multimedia systems. This included the development of ATM-videoconferencing systems, CCTV-applications, professional digital TV (DVB) systems, and high-speed satellite based Internet solutions.

Ralf Köhler received his diploma degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 1995 from the University of Hannover, Germany.

Ralf is an associate member of Technicolor's Fellowship Network.


Latest publications


Contentus: Automatischer AV-Workflow zur Erschließung und Restaurierung von AV-Material

Jürgen Schmidt, Ralf Köhler

FKTG Magazin
July 01, 2011

Automatic Restoration, Metadata Driven Detection and Removal of Scratch and Dirt

Oliver Theis, Ralf Köhler

ITG 2011 - 14th conference on Electronic Media Technology
March 23, 2011