Richard Lessard - colorist - Technicolor Montreal

Richard Lessard




Richard Lessard joined Technicolor in 1997, already equipped with a rich background in post production. He started his career at the television station TVA in its newly created center for electronic editing, where he worked for 16 years as a colourist.

Since his arrival at Technicolor, Richard has put his talents to work on numerous projects, whether it‘s digital intermediates (DI) or dailies for feature films and TV productions. For example, he recently worked on the movie Lance et Compte, a film adaptation of the TV series of the same name that enjoyed huge success in Quebec in the 1980s.

His most important work to date is most certainly the mini-series Race to Mars, where he was responsible for colour correction. Not surprisingly, the Lustre colour correction system is his tool of choice. But what would the power of software be without a touch of inspiration? Richard is inspired by advertisement photography, visual arts and 3D, which he expects to see more of in the coming years.

Passionate about his work, Richard has just one ambition: to continue to learn and grow. "I want to do my best in all my projects," he says.

And outside of work? Richard may have trouble putting down his iPad, but he enjoys the simple pleasures above all, such as playing with his 3 children or savoring a meal at Laloux, his favorite restaurant in Montreal. If he won $1 million, his single wish would be to buy a vacation home in a warm place.

But Richard doesn't need travel to escape. To change his outlook, he simply dives into the artificial world of Blade Runner, his favorite film, or into the medieval, fantasy world of The Sword of Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. His favorite movie hero is none other than Indiana Jones!