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Rob Evans



Location:Technicolor Toronto

Meet Rob Evans, Colorist at Technicolor Toronto.

After working in production for a number of years, Rob felt post production would be an exciting new challenge, so he worked for a short period as a tape operator and then became a fulltime colorist in 1994. Rob enjoys working with the new digital imaging tools and workflows of his craft, and is looking forward to working on his next big project.

One of the highlights of Rob’s career thus far was the opportunity to work in the color suite with film legends like the producer Al Ruddy and screenwriter Walter Hill.  Among Rob’s biggest artistic influences is the late director, Stanley Kubrick, who also helmed one of Rob’s favourite films, Eyes Wide Shut. Rob also admires Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, another visually stunning work by a master filmmaker. As for his hero in film, that would be James Bond, though his real-life hero is his grandfather.

When not working, Rob enjoys fishing and auto restoration, and is proud to note that a car he restored with his father won the “Best of Show” award at a classic car show.  Rob looks forward to someday owning a cottage up north, as well as a new boat and a vintage Mustang.

Recent Technicolor Credits:

  • The Firm
  • Haven
  • My Babysitters a Vampire
  • Bang Bang Club