Rob Gyorgy - Senior Editor - Technicolor Toronto

Rob Gyorgy

Senior Editor



Meet Rob Gyorgy, Senior Editor at Technicolor Toronto.

Rob started with Command Post/Toybox in 1990 as a shipper, then Tape-op, Editor (MOW/commercial), VFX artist (commercial, MOW, features), and finally senior editor on features.

Among Rob’s most memorable career highlights so far have been the opportunity to work on the  Brian De Palma film Redacted, David Fincher’s Fight Club, meeting Kane Hodder, the actor/stuntman who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th films and working with Red Green.

Rob works mainly on Discreet Smoke (Linux), which he thinks is great for editing as well as for VFX shots, and says that some of the best career advice he ever got was “If you do something, do it well.” 

Rob’s favorite film is Dazed and Confused, while one of his favorite characters is Nick Charles from The Thin Man series. Among his heroes is the actor Robert Downey Jr.

When not at work, Rob enjoys spending time at his cottage.

Recent Technicolor Credits:

  • Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster
  • Take This Waltz
  • Texas Killing Fields
  • Servitude
  • Defendor