Roxanne Deslongchamps - Head Translator for Documentary Versioning - Technicolor Montreal

Roxanne Deslongchamps

Head Translator



Meet Roxanne Deslongchamps, Head Translator for Documentary Versioning at Technicolor.

When Roxanne joined Technicolor in 2000, she started in the Closed Captions Department. She then went on to Documentary Dubbing, where she has adapted many documentaries. Roxanne has also translated films, TV shows and videos into open caption subtitles, either in French, English or both. Now as Senior Translator, she oversees the Documentary Dubbing team and assigns shows and series to other translators. 

Among Roxanne’s favorite projects is adapting Slings and Arrows into French. “It was a six-episode, three-part series that included long excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays. I translated them myself to avoid the cost of paying rights to the publishers; it was very challenging but also very rewarding!” Her response to this project comes as no surprise: Roxanne names Shakespeare as one of her top artistic influences along with Molière, Balzac, Woody Allen… and science-fiction!

Her favorite technology for work is Open Caption Subtitling Software. Roxanne’s favorite gadget is her electronic reader – which she recently used to read Louise Penny’s A Trick of the Light. Outside of literature, she also enjoys walking and watching films - one of her favorites is Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

When she’s asked which is her favorite restaurant in town, she hesitates between, Essence, an International cuisine restaurant on University Street and Mikado, a great sushi place on Laurier West.