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We are the Home of Connected

As consumers now increasingly expect technology to satisfy their every need at every turn, our mission is to help you bring to life your long term strategy, ensuring that consumers feel the wonder of smarter digital life experiences, regardless of place, device, time or context.

Our market-leading expertise allows us to help you with clear insights on consumption trends, consumer expectations, lifestyle and technology evolutions.

Our world class R&D and influence on several standard bodies is a guarantee for you to anticipate and react to market evolutions and implement the latest cutting edge technologies.

Our portfolio turns all this vision, technology and expertise into solutions and services that will fuel your consumers’ appetite for high-quality content over every possible connection.

Innovation is the basis of our portfolio’s DNA

From connectivity excellence to immersive content experiences to Internet of Things (IoT), we are at work to open the door to new business models and innovative market positioning, allowing service delivery from any source to any device with the fastest speeds possible.

We help you meet consumer demands for interoperability, high performance, enhanced content discovery and viewing, crisp and constant sound and image quality, intuitive usability and beautiful designs.

All of this in a scalable range of applications, devices and services that can integrate across platforms to guarantee cost-effective growth while differentiating your offering to drive lasting consumer relationships.

Operational excellence is our commitment

We know what the quality of service means. Our integrated applications help your customers diagnose issues and solve them; data analytics provide useful insights to better know and support your consumer, and propose them new added value personalized services.

Collaboration is our vision for tomorrow

We know that the best ideas and the most exciting adventures are always a team effort. As a company who actively participates and partners in every step of the value chain from content creation, to distribution to consumption, we can bring partners that allow you to extend your services beyond the home into a thriving ecosystem where talented teams of innovators join forces to create the experiences of tomorrow.

Together, we can help consumers discover a future beyond their imagination.

If you are an Operator or Distributor that would like more information about our solutions and products, please contact us:
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Products & Software

Video Devices

Technicolor offers a wide portfolio of digital cable, satellite, IP and OTT set-top boxes and media gateways to help NSPs enrich their customers’ TV experience.

Broadband Devices

Technicolor’s range of customizable and flexible modems, routers & gateways includes ultra high-speed cable, telco and mobile solutions for any broadband access technology.

IoT Devices

Technicolor’s range of Connected Life devices includes communication/media tablets and digital life hubs.

Open Software & Middleware

Qeo: Technicolor’s revolutionary software framework that interconnects devices and applications from all brands to enable delivery of value added services at home.


Our highly customized solutions for video, broadband and IoT devices combine technology and creativity to meet tomorrow’s challenges today!


With a pool of engineers and world-class scientists and vigorous participation in standards bodies, Technicolor helps ensure that you’re always up-to-date with current and emerging technologies.

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beIN Media Group & Technicolor partnered together to broadcast eight matches of the UEFA Euro 2016 in 4K.
Technicolor Provides A Look At Next-Generation Access & Technologies At INTX 2016
Technicolor attended INTX 2016 in Boston, MA.