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Throughout the world, the connected home is changing how consumers experience entertainment and information. The growth of connected home technology and applications offers NSPs exciting, new business opportunities in their residential and commercial markets. In order to make the most of these opportunities and ease consumer adoption of new services, NSPs must overcome the technological challenges of:

  • Heterogeneous home networks
  • Multiple ecosystems based on different technologies, protocols and standards
  • Mushrooming connected devices
  • The explosion of cloud-networking services

Transforming technologies into solutions

At Technicolor, we have a talented team of experts dedicated to developing solutions made of software, products and services that make the user experience less fragmented.

  • We interconnect devices and applications to deliver new value added services.
  • We select and recommend the relevant technologies that answer best your needs and we deliver highly customized products.
  • We deliver a rich and peaceful experience by integrating OTT, NSP and professional services all together

It’s no coincidence that we have been amongst the top 3 players in gateways and set–top boxes for over a decade and delivering 20 million devices each year. Leveraging a best-in-class supply chain and local hubs we are operating in more than 28 countries around the globe.

We are a trusted partner  

Our work extends beyond the delivery of boxes. We invent new, personalized experiences that offer viewers linear, VOD, and OTT content on every screen, along with the added benefit of optimized search and discovery tools.  

We also provide the ultimate companion screen experience for managing home and remotely interacting with content.

We deliver competitive, innovative solutions making technologies, software and applications ambient wherever you are.

We are developing the next wave of monetizable services, in and out of a home that cares about its users. This is what we call the Connected Life.
Now you can optimize comfort and serenity of your consumers, wherever they are and whenever they need.

For Operators and Distributors only. For more information about our solutions and products, please contact us.
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HEVC/4K Solution

Technicolor develops solutions around HEVC and Ultra HD, from the studios to the home. With our wide expertise in image quality and performances we are at the edge of video and image technologies.


Technicolor’s advanced multi-screen solutions can help NSPs deliver a seamless multi-screen content experience to subscribers in their connected homes.

Smart Home

Technicolor Smart Home solutions are the next stage of home automation services for home monitoring and security, energy management, and e-health.

OTT Solutions

Technicolor develops solutions to help NSPs integrate OTT services into their product offerings to their customers.

Products & Software

Video Gateways

Technicolor's video gateways include powerful headed, headless, and LTE options that enhance the end-user's media experience at home.

Set-Top Boxes

Technicolor offers a wide portfolio of digital Set-Top Boxes bundled with software solutions and services that help NSPs enrich their customers’ TV experience.

Modems & Gateways

Technicolor’s range of customizable and flexible modems, routers & gateways includes high-speed cable, DSL, Fiber, and 4G LTE solutions for any broadband access technology.

Connected Home Devices

Technicolor’s full range of Connected Devices includes video bridges, wireless access points, Home IP clients, communication/media tablets and IP DECT Phones.

Open Software & Middleware

Qeo: Technicolor’s revolutionary software framework that interconnects devices and applications from all brands to enable delivery of value added services at home.

Professional Services

Technicolor Professional Services include hardware and software design, development, and maintenance as well as NSP consulting and services.

Latest News

News Feed
Technicolor has become the first company worldwide to ship over 200 million set-top boxes to customers.
Interop event for Technicolor's first DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem
As the next generation cable standard DOCSIS 3.1 makes its debut, Technicolor has actively taken part in a first DOCSIS 3.1 interop event organized by Excentis, independent expert center for DOCSIS® technology.
Volvo Ocean Race
Technicolor and 6 other technology providers from the French region Brittany participated in the first television channel demonstration of High Dynamic Range (HDR) p50 and 3D audio Ultra HD coverage of the French stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race, mid of June, and successfully showcased these next ge