Leveraging our long-standing partnerships with operators, we provide a versatile range of innovative Connected Home Devices. All are fully interoperable with our extensive portfolio of gateways & set-top boxes. Technicolor’s Wi-Fi- certified networking accessories collect digital content (data as well as HD video) from your gateway and distribute it seamlessly throughout the home and office, opening a new dimension in entertainment and productivity.

As a bridge for seamless in-home wireless video distribution, the TG234 offers home users a smooth, flicker-free, wire-quality viewing experience, supporting up to four high-HD TV channels. It sends real-time wireless traffic from gateway to IP set-top box, reducing home wiring complexity.

This 802.11ac 5GHz wireless solution features the latest technologies, such as beam forming and 4x4 antennas, delivering a very low packet error rate in most customer scenarios. It is very easy to install, upgrade, and manage with no impact on Quality of Service or end-user experience.



  • Real-time wireless traffic from gateway to IP set-top box that supports up to four HD TV channels and two 4K UHD streams
  • Less complex home wiring
  • Latest wireless technologies (IEEE 802.11ac 5 GHz 4x4, beam forming) for a smooth, flicker-free, wire-quality viewing experience
  • Auto-detect access point – client station for hassle-free installation
  • Integration with Technicolor gateway management (common GUI & TR-069 interfaces)
  • Secure remote firmware upgrade with dual-bank flash

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