Our Technicolor Business Gateways are a family of business-class, ultra-broadband routers that have been specifically designed for corporate environments, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and small/home offices (SOHOs). They offer plenty of possibilities through a complete set of business features:

  • IPSec VPN
  • advanced remote monitoring
  • auto-backup
  • mini PABX functions

Available in all DSL flavors: ADSL2+, VDSL2 and SHDSL.

As a wireless n SHDSL business gateway, the MediaAccess TG670s is a one-box office solution for communicating to the outside world. It offers security to the office, allows sharing of resources (like printer, hard disk) and functions as a telephone PABX, all while being remotely serviced and managed by the operator.

The platform also has broad management capabilities that allow both legacy and next generation management tools to offer firm SLAs to high-demand customers.

As a versatile access platform, the TG670s makes optimal use of multiple copper lines and provides both advanced layer 2 and layer 3 services. It utilizes the SHDSL IEEE 991.2 and IEEE 992.2.bis standards, allowing coverage of loop distances up to 10 km and speeds ranging from 192 Kbps to 22 Mbps.

The four-pair SHDSL interface can be configured either in CPE mode (connecting to a DSLAM) or in CO mode (two gateways can be put back-to-back on blank copper), with speeds ranging from 192 Kbps (32 Kbps on ATM) up to 5.7 Mbps per pair, providing maximum 22.8 Mbps symmetrical.



  • Integrated 4-pair SHDSL modem
  • Ideal solution for Gigabit speeds in mixed-access technology networks (VDSL & Fiber)
  • On-board Wi-Fi n networking and Voice over IP (VoIP) services
  • 3G back-up WAN connection via USB adapter
  • Integrated IPSec/VPN client and server, corporate firewall and content filtering
  • Extensive operator management capabilities (SNMPv3, TACACS+, Syslog)
  • Carrier class advance routing (BGP, OSFP and full RIP)
  • SOHO/SME PABX functionality (with integrated SIP server/ B2BUA)
  • Dual bank memory for non-service-affecting software upgrades
  • Media & content sharing
  • IPv6 enabled

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