DCI401MCS Pro:Idiom Security Terminator

HD content delivered over an RF distribution requires that content protection be applied. For the hospitality market, the standard content protection system is Pro:Idiom™. Commercial TV sets can be purchased which will decrypt this protection in order to properly display content, however, in applications where commercial TV sets are either not available or have not been deployed, the DCI401MCS is the perfect solution. The DCI401MCS is a small adapter box which can receive the modulated RF content, decrypt the Pro:Idiom™ protected content, then deliver to a display using an HDMI connector. For unprotected HD or SD content, the DCI401MCS can output to a display using HDMI or a modulated channel 3/4 RF connector.


Decrypting Pro/Idiom Content

The DCI401MCS is capable of decrypting Pro:Idiom™ protected source material originating from a COM24 or COM24-FLX receiver blade. This content is outputted to a TV or display device using the HDMI output only.


Digital Display Adapter

The DCI401MCS can also be utilized in applications where a digital tuner is not available. These applications may include converting the modulated digital content to an analog NTSC format compatible with older tube displays, or decoding MPEG4 source material for TV sets which are unable to decode this DIRECTV HD standard. Whatever the TV or display source, the DCI401MCS can tune and decode content originating from a COM2000 head-end and provide a standard TV output compatible with most TVs available today, thus eliminating the need to purchase or upgrade to commercial TV sets.


Easy Installation and Setup

The DCI401MCS is intended to be a simple, plug-in device to allow for access to content. This includes a channel scan upon the first power-on event to build a channel list. A simple menu is provided for further customization including the selection of Closed-Caption options and parental lock features.



  • HDMI output of Pro:Idiom™ protected content originating on a COM2000
  • Small form factor (4.33” x 0.96” x 3.19”)
  • Analog RF output on channel 3 or 4 of SD or HD In-the-Clear programming
  • RF Remote Control to allow for flexible mounting options
  • Programmable IR commands to control TV power and volume

Services & Devices

The COM360 chassis is the foundation for the COM2000 system providing the housing, power supply, GbE backplane and cooling system required for the DIRECTV receiver blades and EdgeQAMs.
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At the heart of the COM2000 system is the COM46 receiver blade. The newest in a family of DIRECTV receivers specifically designed for the commercial market.
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The NTSC-8 Analog Modulator accepts 8 channels over an IP connection from a COM46 outputting HD content to the QAM to duplicate these channels for analog distribution.
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EdgeQAM device
Technicolor designed the QAM6 specifically for use with the COM2000 so you aren’t paying for unnecessary features included in other EdgeQAMs designed for the cable industry.
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 Off-air Tuner
The latest addition to the COM2000 family includes an off-air tuner capable of receiving ATSC HD content, outputting this content in IP format for easy re-distribution utilizing the QAM6.
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Software upgrades for the QAM6 or COM24-FLX are offered to expand the features and functions of the COM1000 or COM2000.
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