The heart of the COM2000 system, the COM46 receiver blade is the only DIRECTV receiver specifically designed for the commercial market. It is capable of tuning two high-definition channels of DIRECTV content and outputting this content over IP with Pro:Idiom™ content protection. The IP output can either be aggregated and distributed using an existing IP network, or it can be sent to an external EdgeQAM device. For a very simple, self-contained installation, the COM46 output can be directed to Technicolor’s QAM6 installed in the COM200 chassis.



  • 2 HD channels 
  • MPEG2 and MPEG4 support 
  • UDP/RTP Video Outputs 
  • Pro: Idiom™ content protection 
  • 2 RF inputs, 1 Fast Ethernet 
  • 2 Tuner Lock LEDs, 1 Power LED 
  • SWM compatible

Services & Devices

The COM360 chassis is the foundation for the COM2000 system providing the housing, power supply, GbE backplane and cooling system required for the DIRECTV receiver blades and EdgeQAMs.
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Receiver Blade
The perfect complement to an HD solution or an alternative to traditional Analog SMATV installations, the COM24-FLX SD receiver blade is a versatile, multi-purpose solution with an eye on the future.
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EdgeQAM device
Technicolor designed the QAM6 specifically for use with the COM2000 so you aren’t paying for unnecessary features included in other EdgeQAMs designed for the cable industry.
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DCI401 HD Security Terminator
HD content delivered over an RF distribution requires that content protection be applied. For the hospitality market, the standard content protection system is Pro:Idiom™.
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 Off-air Tuner
The latest addition to the COM2000 family includes an off-air tuner capable of receiving ATSC HD content, outputting this content in IP format for easy re-distribution utilizing the QAM6.
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Gigabit Ethernet expansion card
Technicolor provides a Gigabit Ethernet expansion card which can provide an external connection to the Ethernet backplane on the COM200 chassis.
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Software upgrades for the QAM6 or COM24-FLX are offered to expand the features and functions of the COM1000 or COM2000.
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