By leveraging the latest technology and ecosystems of partners, Technicolor now brings a powerful layer of intelligence in the Connected Home.

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Technicolor is redefining how to launch, manage, and monetize Internet of Things (IoT) services rapidly and at scale. Technicolor’ s new suite of IoT solutions features high-performance IoT Gateways that combine:

  • A “Voice-First” strategy through Alexa Voice Services (AVS)
  • The Edge compute and analytics capabilities of AWS Greengrass
  • A third-party application developer community for ongoing service innovation



Voice-enabled connected products turn the digital journey into a frictionless, hands-free, two-way experience.

Intuitive voice prompts ease device installation, facilitate service activation, and drive interactive dialogues.

These adaptable AVS capabilities transform consumer expectations by giving products a voice – without type, click, or swipe interaction.







Technicolor IoT Gateways feature Edge compute and analytic capabilities that enable multiple devices to take data-driven actions – locally and in real-time. This reduces the amount of raw data transmitted to the cloud and optimizes the cost of IoT use cases and services.

Distributed computing at the Edge means more agility for real-time response and decision-making through tailored local AI capabilities. This is less costly than IoT services reliant on cloud-only interactions.






Edge compute capabilities inherently bring the open API world of the cloud paradigm to the edge. This enables developer communities to become active stakeholders in the value creation process and accelerates the innovation and new services development.

Web API capabilities drive revenues through third parties and extended reach with these developer communities. APIs also ensure that data insights make enterprise applications smarter, driving back-end and systems integration, improvements, and innovation.




Technicolor’s Managed IoT Services include multiple ecosystem partners. As the foundation for continuous operational optimization, they deliver products-as-a-service securely and at scale. This set of services manages both the device and an improved consumer experience – beginning with the onboarding process – and including asset and orchestration management, IoT diagnostics, troubleshooting, and network optimization.

Built for scale and end-to-end security, Technicolor’s Managed IoT Services translate into better overall cost management, operational processes, and third party reach through the flexibility of Web APIs. Enterprises can launch and run IoT services on a global scale without worrying about operations or rapidly evolving infrastructure requirements.