Drawing on over a decade of experience and leadership in the worldwide gateway market, Technicolor Homeware is a unique gateway software stack that greatly simplifies and accelerates the transformation of next-gen hardware and innovative technologies into exciting new solutions. To meet this objective, Technicolor’s Homeware solution has been designed from the ground up to be open, highly modular, and extremely hardware agnostic in order to optimize time to market and total cost of ownership – while delivering high performance and carrier-grade access solutions for Telcos that demand new and innovative applications and services.


Open and Innovative, Building the Gateway of the Future with Homeware

  • Leveraging the OpenWrt open source gateway framework, new applications can be integrated easily using the SDK and APIs based on industry and community standards. Technicolor Homeware supports multiple execution environments (Linux Containers, OSGi, etc.) that transform the gateway into a full-blown application platform.
  • Telcos can boost their offerings by tapping into a large and vibrant open software ecosystem and an extensive partner network to build the applications and services of tomorrow while avoiding proprietary and custom application development costs.
  • Technicolor has been an active member of the OpenWrt community since 2013 and regularly synchronizes from and contributes feature improvements and fixes to the open source community, ensuring that Homeware stays in sync with the broader ecosystem.

Portable and Modular, Bringing a Consistent User Experience across Devices

  • Using a platform agnostic architecture, the Homeware portable software solution ensures the fastest time to market. By choosing Homeware as their gateway software solution, Telcos can benefit from a consistent user experience and service offering across multiple product segments, access technologies, and hardware vendors.
  • Homeware’s modularity and application life cycle management make it easy to add or remove components to or from a software release, while also enabling second and third party development.

Proven and Reliable, Delivering Broadband Access to Millions of Homes Throughout the World

  • Technicolor has strong software development and validation teams combined with dedicated support staff on-site, guaranteeing a reliable and powerful software stack that provides all necessary features and customizations within project timelines.
  • With Technicolor Homeware, Telcos benefit from a carrier-grade software solution that is already deployed in millions of gateways throughout the world using DSL, Ethernet, Fiber, and LTE access.

The Homeware solution leverages open source software and hardware vendor software for the lower layers and is enriched by Technicolor to create an open, portable, and reliable gateway software stack (as illustrated in the below architecture overview chart).

For Telcos, Homeware provides all the features and capabilities to meet expectations for a high quality broadband gateway product that is future-proof, driven by a Technicolor roadmap to support next generation services as they come.