Today’s Digital Landscape…

Nowadays, hardware technologies are evolving fast and software features are migrating from one device to another, or into the Cloud. Portability and distributed services have become essential for both operators and end users, showing the need for a software communication framework that enables seamless and secure communication between connected devices and NSPs’ network servers, Internet clouds, and other environments. In addition, in today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape NSPs must continually innovate to deliver a better user experience and grow their ARPU, whilst simultaneously reducing helpdesk calls. Introducing new apps and enabling self-learning of end-user devices is the way forward to making our everyday lives richer and easier to manage.

Homeware, a Flexible and Future-Proof Software Stack

Drawing on over a decade of experience and leadership in the worldwide Gateway market, Technicolor brings you Homeware, a toolbox offering a future-proof and highly flexible alternative to traditional middleware. This reliable, integrated middleware speaks Qeo ( to open up your Connected Home, and deliver an unlimited spectrum of value-added services and applications.

Using a platform agnostic architecture, Technicolor Homeware is a fully portable solution that ensures the fastest time to market. Moreover, its modularity and enhanced life cycle management make it easy to add or remove components to or from a software release, while also enabling second and third party development. 

Architecture Gateways

Thanks to its openness, Technicolor Homeware embraces different execution environments (Native, Android, OSGi, …) and supports current and emerging trends, transforming the Gateway into a full-blown app platform. Through this, it allows NSPs to boost their offerings in the captive segments by means of advanced Connected Life networking services, such as media and content sharing, smart living, advanced VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony, and much more…


  • Qeo communication framework and apps
  • Enhanced life cycle management
  • Extensive remote management
  • Media, content & printer sharing (DLNA, UPnP…)
  • Advanced voice functionalities (VoIP, SIP, DECT, CAT-iq 2.0…)
  • Parental control (content filtering)
  • Improved UI / SDK
  • 3G/4G dongle support
  • Wi-Fi hotspot and mesh
  • IPv6




TG799vac (Xtream)

Smart dual-band concurrent wireless gateway with integrated DECT base


Smart fiber gateway with integrated GPON ONT


Premium LTE .11ac gateway with Gigabit Ethernet WAN – TG2200ac