MediaPlay - Set-Top Boxes


#2 Worldwide in set-top boxes

As an active and established top-three stakeholder in the set-top box market, we have been successfully defining and delivering MediaPlay products and solutions for over 20 years.
We draw on our experience and expertise to select and recommend the advanced technology that best answers our customers’ needs.

Ultimate Content Experience in any Market and Network

Ranging from core digital set-top boxes like converters or standard Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) to smart set-top boxes with Ultra HD 4K, multi-screen or Over-The-Top services, our complete portfolio delivers a superior quality video experience in any market and network (satellite, terrestrial, cable or any hybrid).

High integration level for High-Quality Solutions

With our proven operational excellence in development and deployment, we are proud to guarantee not only seamless integration of the chosen technologies, software, and applications into a high-quality solution, but also on-time delivery.

Your Trusted Partner in the Connected Home

Fully committed to our customers’ success, we are your trusted partner in the new Connected Home era. We look forward to working with you to make the most of the exciting opportunities that it brings.

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Cable Set-top Boxes

Our range of cable set-top boxes covers a complete portfolio from simple converters for a smooth transition to digital TV and HDTV, to high-end future-proof set-top boxes that include HEVC solutions, multi-screen, wireless video streaming or DOCSIS 3.0 media servers.

IP OTT Set-top Boxes

All of our hybrid IP terrestrial set-top boxes are highly customizable for advanced Over-The-Top services, companion screen and multi-screen solutions.

Satellite Set-top Boxes

Our satellite set-top boxes are fully equipped and optimized to offer premium Ultra HD 4K video and advanced home networking solutions, 3D graphics, combo satellite and terrestrial reception or easy transition to HDTV.