At Technicolor, we envision a more intelligent, digital world for all. We know that the best ideas and the most exciting adventures always stem from teamwork and partnership. That’s one reason why we have nurtured key relationships and expertise at every link in the value chain -- from content creation to distribution and consumption. Thanks to this unique portfolio of relationships, we can connect you with the partners you need to extend your services beyond the home into a thriving ecosystem where talented teams of innovators join forces to create the experiences of tomorrow.

With 1,200 engineers and world-class scientists and vigorous participation in standards bodies, Technicolor helps ensure that you’re always up-to-date with current and emerging technologies.

Our technology focus includes:

ALLJOYN - for interoperability among heterogeneous ecosystems such as:

  • AV/communication
  • Automation/ security
  • Connected objects, etc.

4K ULTRA HD & HDR - to ensure next-generation video and quality experience

  • UHD Alliance board
  • 4K Ultra HD, HEVC, HDR, world premieres
  • Group expertise in MPEG, DVB and compression technologies from production to distribution

ULTRA Broadband - for higher speeds and greater bandwidth

  • 4Bonding, vectoring
  • G.Fast, LTE-A
  • DOCSIS 3.1

WIRELESS - to optimize networks

  • #1 for Wi-Fi gateways
  • 4K Wi-Fi delivery
  • Advanced HD video streaming over Wi-Fi
  • DSL Doctor, Wi-Fi Doctor, LTE Doctor apps
  • Hotspots solutions

ANDROID, RDK - for open software solutions

  • Proactive contribution to RDK
  • Android TV (Google Premier Partner)
  • Complementary stack for STBs & gateways
  • Added-value services





The Reference Design Kit (RDK) is an open source software initiative created to accelerate MSOs deployment of next-generation video and broadband services such as set-top boxes, modems and gateways and other connected devices.