With the growth of consumer devices connected to the Internet, the rise of streaming video and the Internet of Things (IoT), Service Providers (SPs) need to quickly adapt to provide faster and more reliable home networks.

The Reference Design Kit for Broadband (RDK-B) is an open source initiative standardizing software functionalities in broadband devices, enabling MSOs to efficiently deploy services to a large customer base. 

RDK-B solutions provide all needed features to manage complex broadband functions such as Wide Area Networking (WAN), Local Area Networking (LAN), data reporting  and management, and home-networking technologies, such as Wi-Fi and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA).

Based on Cisco’s Common Component Software Platform acquired by Technicolor, RDK-B for Broadband is a fully modular, portable, and customizable software solution.


Open ecosystem

  • Using an open software ecosystem, applications can be easily created in the RDK-B environment using the SDK (available on the RDK Wiki); system APIs, and Web Services APIs based on industry or community standards.

Easily extensible

  • RDK-B is easily extensible to add features, functions, and components to support new, dynamic services – e.g., by creating applications for multiple environments, such as native Linux and OSGi.

Modular and portable

  • Benefitting from a fully modular and portable architecture, RDK-B allows MSOs to offer a consistent user experience and services across multiple devices, device models, and chipset vendors. The RDK-B software initiative is broadly supported by SoC vendors, which greatly simplifies the addition of software extensions and integration with different hardware platforms.

Align with assurance

  • Regular alignments and contributions from Technicolor with the Open Source RDK-B allow MSOs to take full advantage of developments in the Open Source community and innovations for RDK-B. As a reliable partner for broadband gateways, Technicolor ensures that the software stack follows a clear, full execution to meet project needs.

Enhance and port

  • As an expert in RDK-B software, Technicolor actively works to enhance and port RDK-B software. We also complement the core RDK-B stack with a roadmap of enhanced features and contribute new features and improvements as necessary, making us the perfect partner for RDK-B solutions.


RDK-B Architecture Overview

Leverage Technicolor’s expert development resources to ensure your RDK-B features, customizations, and hardware platforms are supported. With a full array of cable home gateways supporting RDK-B software, Technicolor can easily play the role of hardware vendor, RDK-B enhancer, and software integrator, which simplifies project engagement.